Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puerto Maldonado

I think I am mealting. Literally. I made it to Puerto Maldonado & it is so hot & humid here! I can´t believe that when I go into the jungle tomorrow, I have to wear all long clothing!

This is a town with not a whole lot going on. It is definiely a different feel than Cuzco, especially because of the festival there. There are a lot of motorcycles & motokars here. A motokar is a motorcycle in the front & a rickshaw in the back (which is a covered place to sit).

I went up into the obilisk & got a view of the town. That was neat to get up so high. Then I got to the Central Plaza, which doesn´t have much going on :). So I went down to the river, which was beautiful. It is a nice red color & wide here. It´s the Rio de Madres. It is a big hub for boats going back & foth ferrying cars, motorcycles, people, trucks, construction equipment, etc. The boats go constantly. The river is so strong that they have to go at a big angle up-river to make it :) I guess this will be changing in the near future. They are in the process of building the Inercoastal Highway that will connect Peru & Brazil. I´m not sure why they are doing this, but they are. Supposedly it will open this year. So in the background, you can see a very out-of-place-looking very high bridge. My guidebook said this will really change this area soon, and possibly not for the best. Time will tell.

I just ran into a guy I met on the plane from the US, so I have to go. Now I really don´t think I´ll have internet access for almost a week. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Angela,

    Sounds like a fun adventure so far. I would love to be there, too.

    Some updates from the states:

    My hike along the border of the US and Quebec was awesome. Tough walking on the brand new trails. We were the first people there in many places (this year)

    The US lost in the 2nd round of the World Cup

    The longest tennis match in history happened at Wimbledon this week (3 days).

    It feels like summer, here.

    Adam MacDougall ran the first road race of his life. I came in 3rd! At Margarita's in Dover.

    Keep having fun!