Friday, June 18, 2010

In Peru at Last!

Hola Amigos! Soy en Cusco, Peru. Yes, I have made it safe & sound to Cuzco. It took 30 hours in planes & airports, but I´m here. I´m exhausted but happy right now, so this will be short. Flying to Cuzco from Lima was so beautiful! There were lots of mountains & a few were snow-covered. I saw Latin American agriculture, lakes, rivers, secluded villages, etc. Cuzco is a really nice town, too. I went on a tour today where I saw some local places that are important & some ruins. One ruin is called something that sounds like ¨Sexy Woman.¨ I guess it actually translates to ¨woman´s head¨ because it was supposed to be that in the Incan times & Cuzco was supposed to be the body. There are these really big rocks that were moved much like the Egyptians moved stone for the pyramids. There are even animal shapes made with some of the rocks.

I have met some interesting people from all over. The Festival of the Sun is next Thursday, but it has already begun. There are parades all the time in the center of town, which are interesting to watch. Lots of traditional clothing & dances. There will be 1500 kids who perform in the festivities!

Alright, I need some sleep. I´ll write more when I get faster internet.

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  1. Glad you are there and enjoying yourself all ready! Did Champney Falls trail today and thought of you:)