Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaving in a Couple Hours

I was just thinking last night that my theme for this trip is, "flexibility." From my previous travels to other countries, I remember that not everyone in this world is as good about doing things in what we call "a timely manner" as we are in the US. And the pace is very different in many other cultures. This is also my theme because I chose not to have a full itinerary before I leave, so I have to be flexible about how things pan out.

That said, I have already had to practice flexibility. I got an email just a little while ago telling me that my 10 AM flight to Cuzco on Friday has been changed to noon. My friend who has traveled to Peru told me just last week that flights often don't make it into Cuzco past 10 AM due to the fog rolling in over the mountains and settling there. Luckily this same friend had told me that I can use Skype to call a phone for very cheap (like, 3 cents a minute), and I signed up. I also decided to go get a headset (this morning) to bring with me in case the internet cafes don't have them. Phew! I was able to call the airline, in Peru, for 3 cents a minute & change my flight to 8:20 AM...even better than the original flight :)! I guess they say things happen for a reason!

Why does this matter so much? Well, besides wanting to get right to Cuzco, I did not book a hostel for tomorrow night. I have read a lot about how safe & comfortable (relative of course) sleeping in the airport is & how bad the traffic is in Lima, so I decided to give it a try. With this change in flight, I was going to have to try to get a last-minute hostel. Anyway, it worked out :)

Ever since I finished packing last night, I have been super-excited & giddy. I feel like a little kid :) I leave my house in just a couple hours (the time stamp on this program does not seem to be accurate, by the way), and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself :).

A note on posting comments to my blog. Two friends have tried to post comments & told me they need to get a google account. This does not mean you have to get a google email, though. I found out that I already had an account when I signed up for this blog, which I had forgotten. If you want to post comments (which I want you to!), it's definitely worth it. I don't think it'll take long. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm proud of my packing...I have my backpacking backpack & there is even extra room left in it! I took many people's suggestions for packing light. It looks like laundry is easy to come by, so I shouldn't be too stinky :)

Okay, I am off & will write more once I am in Peru! I am in mild disbelief that I am going to Peru...and the Amazon! Wow! I can't believe this is actually happening! Thank you to everyone who is or has helped out in any way.

Adios Amigos!

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  1. Angela, I am so excited about this blog. This is awesome. Have fun..