Thursday, July 8, 2010


For all the fear I had of the big city of Lima, it wasn`t bad at all. Granted, I had a Peruvian woman to spend the day with today, which helped tremendously :) Today was a pretty low-key day, which was fine with me. We got a late start, then went to Miraflores, which is a part of town that many tourists go to. We signed up for the Miraflores & San Isidro city tour, then walked around for a little while. We sat up on the top level of the bus, which is open. It was sooooo cold!!! I know that at this time tomorrow, I`ll be dreaming of colder times, but it wasn`t very comfortable today. It is winter & in Lima, which is on the coast, the winter brings lots of clouds & cool days.

It was pretty cool to be up on top of the bus, though. You can see all around, but have to watch out for the tree branches that try to snag you when you`re not looking :) We laughed quite a bit about dodging tree branches. Luckily I had Patty with me, who speaks Spanish (she`s Peruvian and is married to the man who my friend went to high school with), because the tour was only in Spanish. She translated. The coast here is beautiful. There are cliffs dropping off to a little beach, then the sea. Some people were even surfing.

After that, we walked around & got something to eat. Soon I will head to the airport for my overnight flight. Wish me luck! I´ll write tomorrow...

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